Salesforce Forms for Marketing Wins

When it comes to marketing goals, opting to add Salesforce Forms to your campaigns is a good idea if you want faster processes.

Join us in the article below as we explore Salesforce and Titan Forms as reliable software to help your marketing professionals engage faster and better with customers.

Salesforce Forms for Marketing | Automating Processes

There are many reasons for choosing Salesforce Forms to help automate your marketing processes. One of the most common tasks you can automate with Salesforce Forms is generating new leads.

Salesforce Web Forms in Lead Generation

Use Salesforce marketing automation tools to create a form and then embed it on your website, such as a web-to-lead form from Salesforce.

Now, when visitors enter your website, they can submit information on that Salesforce web-to-lead form, which will be pushed to your customer relationship management platform as lead data.

You will be happy to know that you can also use web forms from Salesforce on landing pages or your social media apps. As we can see, using Salesforce Forms in this way automates data collection tasks from end to end.

Salesforce Dynamic Forms in Marketing Automation 

You can find Dynamic Forms within Salesforce Lightning Experience and use it to organize your record pages according to your marketing team's needs. Dynamic Forms works well with standard and custom objects in your Sales or Service Clouds so that your marketing professionals can create custom user interfaces that will display information that is specific to their duties and tasks. With Dynamic Forms, your marketers can quickly find the information they need, instead of wasting time hunting down customer data across multiple marketing automation platforms.

Regarding automating marketing tasks, the Dynamic Forms feature gives your marketers superpowers when creating forms in Salesforce, as they are distinct to their unique team goals and requirements. This marketing automation with Salesforce is essential for adapting to communicating with specific customers.

Salesforce Forms for B2B Marketing Automation Platforms

We spoke about generating leads and creating forms for data collection from customers. But how can Salesforce help you automate processes with business-to-business (B2B) operations?

Salesforce can be used as your B2B marketing automation platform of choice. It offers robust automation tools and features like Salesforce Forms that allow your teams to create forms that can be embedded in your portals. These forms then capture information from your visitors and are saved in Salesforce for your benefit.

To assist your B2B marketing automation and Salesforce plans, we suggest that you set up your custom objects with Salesforce Forms the way your marketers need. This will help you display your collected data appropriately so that your marketing teams can work effectively. For instance, you can use and reference these labels for your custom objects if you need a starting point:

  • Leads
  • Partners
  • Trade Show Registrations

Salesforce Form Builder for Marketing Cloud

If you are in the market for an alternative to Salesforce Forms, we suggest you check out Titan Forms. This powerful platform has web forms for any Salesforce use case and works with any object in your CRM platform.

With Titan Forms, your marketing professionals can create custom forms that collect and pre-fill data into them directly from Marketing Cloud. The Marketing Cloud forms are smart and dynamic as they use conditional logic to make filling them out super easy for leads, prospects, and customers.

Titan Forms can help automate marketing processes with no code simply by using a drag-and-drop Salesforce form builder.

Marketing Cloud with Interactive Email Forms

Up till now, we have covered web forms, but what about email forms? Salesforce gives us Interactive Email Forms to improve customer experiences. Interactive Email Forms are quite convenient for your target audience. For instance, when you create and send them an email form, your customer or lead can view, fill out the form, and submit it, whenever they want, 24/7.

With Marketing Cloud and Interactive Email Forms, you let users engage with a form from within an email, which is much better than clicking multiple links that direct them to new locations. In this way, Salesforce Marketing Cloud forms can increase your form response rates so that you can collect vital marketing information. You will be excited to hear that Interactive Email Forms can help you create surveys and quizzes, not just email forms.

Connect Gravity Forms to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We discussed Titan as a powerful no-code platform for extending Salesforce Marketing Cloud projects. Let’s take a look at another promising tool that is popular for marketing automation with Salesforce.

Gravity Forms is a plugin that can be found in WordPress. Marketers like this plugin as they can use it to create forms, specifically for their WordPress websites. Gravity Forms integrates well with Salesforce Marketing Cloud so that your form data is pushed directly to your CRM platform. We suggest integrating Gravity Forms and Salesforce if you would like to reduce the number of errors you usually obtain from manually entering data into your CRM platform.

Use Cases: Salesforce Forms in Marketing Automation 

Salesforce Forms plays a huge part in acquiring leads from its interactive web-to-lead forms to Salesforce email forms, and Salesforce surveys. All these automation capabilities are great for marketing initiatives like email campaigns. We understand that, generally speaking, these points make sense. But what does that look like in the real world?

For our use case, we will demonstrate how Salesforce Forms is beneficial for automating a common marketing task, such as getting people to register for an event.

Your marketers can use Salesforce Forms to create a form specifically for an event. This form will contain all the fields that capture details from customers who would like to attend the event. Once the form is approved, the marketing team can upload and embed it on a web page.

Then, the marketing team can automate the whole event registration process by making sure the form pushes submitted data to Salesforce. The data can also be categorized smartly in Salesforce so that it is stored under the correct marketing campaign.

This example shows that the automation of marketing processes makes your team's lives easier as they can manage events faster.

Titan Forms: Best Salesforce Automation Tools

We recommend giving Titan a try if you want Salesforce marketing automation solutions for your projects. The robust platform is not just a form builder. Titan Forms works with any object and integrates 100% into Salesforce.

You may use Titan Forms to automate any business process. For instance, you can use submitted Salesforce form data to create and score leads. Titan also updates Salesforce records and creates reports based on your form data.

We suggest using Titan Forms in Salesforce to make sure your business is aligned with customers for complex approval flows.

Wrapping Up Salesforce Forms for Marketing Wins

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog on Salesforce Forms and it’s impact in the marketing field. We covered a few topics: starting with creating forms in Salesforce and ending with Salesforce marketing automation solutions. We hope you enjoyed learning about Titan and Gravity Forms, and have a better understanding of the two popular software solutions for Salesforce form integration. 

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