Conducting Market Research Using Titan's no-code Survey Tool for Salesforce



Titan's no-code Survey Tool for Salesforce

Do you know what your customers want? Or what they really think of your services and products? Do you know how effective your marketing campaigns are or what your competitors are up to? Do you have all the information you need to make really informed decisions? 

Maybe an even better question is: “How do you get the information that you need?”

It is critical for companies to do market research to understand customer preferences and to develop products that align with their needs while at the same time maintaining a competitive advantage in their industry. There are many different ways to conduct market research. Let’s look at some of them:

  • Focus groups: This qualitative research method involves getting a group of people together that represents your target audience and having them discuss specific topics related to your products or services. A moderator normally guides the discussions while gathering information from the group.
  • Interviews: Another quantitative method is to have direct one-on-one interviews, often using open-ended questions, to explore the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of your customers or prospects. Interviews can provide in-depth feedback. Both focus groups or interviews can be done online or in person.
  • Website analytics: This quantitative research method involves the use of online analytics to study website traffic, user behaviour, and conversion rates. This will help you to understand how customers interact with your online presence.
  • Surveys: This very common quantitative method is used to gather information directly from customers by asking them different types of questions. You can use surveys to measure customer satisfaction, gather product feedback, conduct market research, and more. Surveys can be done online, in person, or via the phone and are ideal to measure the overall trends in a large population. 
Salesforce has a survey tool to create basic surveys that is included in most Salesforce editions for free. It offers simple surveys with limited question types and features. The data is stored in Salesforce and allows for simple analytics. 

If you want the racehorse of surveys, get Titan Survey, a no-code survey tool with complete Salesforce integration that can be tailored to your unique needs and branding. Titan's intuitive survey builder is designed to enhance user experience and provide a cohesive way to measure customer satisfaction, gather feedback, and conduct market research within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Choose Titan’s Salesforce Surveys for Market Research

Why should you choose Titan Survey to do your market research? Well, that’s easy. Titan is a no-code survey tool for Salesforce with which you can create, automate, and track custom surveys in Salesforce. 

Titan Survey has an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop survey builder with various question elements such as multiple choice, open-ended, ranking, demographics, and matrix questions, as well as nominal, Likert scale, rating scale, and yes/no.  You can add pre-filled fields (as the integration with Salesforce is streamlined) to personalize the survey and improve the response rates. This integration means that the survey responses are captured in real-time in Salesforce, where they can be tracked and analyzed alongside your other customer data. 

The highly customizable email, web, or hybrid surveys created with Titan Survey can be distributed in several ways using personalized invitations, such as email, social media, and web channels. This provides flexibility in reaching your target audience wherever they are. You can also automate the survey distribution with custom triggers in a Salesforce survey workflow.

Titan’s reporting and analytics tools can identify trends, patterns, and insights to help you understand your market better, helping you to make more informed decisions. 

Moreover, Titan Survey offers HIPAA, SOC 2, ISO, and GDPR compliance, ensuring data security and privacy. It meets Section 508 requirements, and the surveys are accessible to everyone.  It also offers multi-lingual support to reach a wider audience and advanced conditional logic features to control question flows based on complex logic from Salesforce.

Connect With Customer Preferences

Use Titan Survey to create customer satisfaction and product feedback surveys to really measure overall satisfaction with your products, services, and support. Measure customer loyalty and identify areas for improvement with your branded net promoter score surveys. Open-ended feedback questions give your customers the opportunity to share their thoughts and feedback freely. Alternatively, use targeted surveys to specific customer segments based on demographics, purchase history, or online activity.

Analysis of these survey responses will help you to understand customer needs and preferences better, therefore allowing you to tailor your products and services to meet expectations.   

Optimum Pricing Strategy

With Titan Survey, you can gather data on customers' willingness to pay and their perceptions of value, helping you develop an optimum pricing strategy. You can optimize your pricing strategy by conducting the following surveys:

  • Price sensitivity surveys;
  • Competitor pricing analysis;
  • Conjoint analysis; and 
  • Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter (to identify the optimal price range for your product).

You can also analyze how pricing changes impact sales.

Competitor Analysis

Use Titan Survey to ask questions about your customers’ awareness, perception, and satisfaction with your brand and your competitors’ brands. You can also identify gaps and opportunities in the market that you can fill. Create surveys that compare your products or services with those of competitors, and analyze the responses to identify areas where you can differentiate and improve.

Discover Opportunities

Surveys created by Titan’s survey app can identify new market opportunities, explore product ideas or test business strategies. Encourage customers to share new ideas and suggestions with open-ended questions. 

Measure Demand

With Titan Survey, you can create custom pre-paunch surveys to gauge interest in a new product or service. A market sizing survey can estimate the size and potential of a new market, while an intent-to-purchase survey can aim to understand how likely people are to buy from you.

Better Brand Messaging

You can optimize your brand message by using Titan Survey to create surveys that present different brand messages or positioning statements and measure customer responses.

Titan Surveys: Effective No-Code Salesforce Survey Tool

As you can see, Titan's no-code survey builder for Salesforce offers a magnificent solution for conducting market research, from survey creation and distribution to data collection and analysis. It is also one of the top survey tools that integrate with Salesforce.

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