About SFDC Kid

SFDC kid refers to salesforce beginners who want to build their career in Salesforce Ecosystem. But due to no coding background, less experience or no coding experience they are struggling to learn salesforce from the very basics to an advance level to compete with the world.

This platform not only guides you in learning salesforce development from a very basic level but also it will help you to understand salesforce development concepts.

In conclusion, being an SFDC "Kid" means embracing our inner child and leveraging the qualities that make children so remarkable. By nurturing curiosity, encouraging creativity, adopting a playful attitude, prioritizing continuous learning, and fostering a supportive community, we embody the spirit of innovation and success. Join us on this journey of embracing our inner child and unlock the limitless potential that lies within each of us.

So Learn Salesforce like a kid. As I always believe we all are kids to learn something new, so let's learn, help, share something which will help us to grow together with SfdcKid learning platform.


Hey !! My name is Ajinkya Dhas,

A few years ago (around 2012), I was a skilled programmer in different web technologies, but during my engineering theoretical studies I couldn’t write lines of code and I was more passionate about Photography/Cinematography. During the course, I have worked with celebrity Actors, Singers, and Youtubers.

Today, I can proudly say that If I was not introduced to Salesforce, I might be the Best Photographer in the Town/City. So this is my Trailblazing journey from a passionate Photographer To a Salesforce Engineer.

After my engineering studies & some bad experiences, I again decided to kick start my career with Web and Cloud Technologies as I have already experimented with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Azure as well as with Other JS Frameworks and UI/UX/Graphics Designing before. I was still confident about my basic skills.

By God's grace, I was introduced to Salesforce by my mentor. Since then, I started learning Salesforce with basic concepts and the stuff which I am sharing in the SFDC Kid posts.

Now I’ve become a Salesforce Developer, where I build funny things like Salesforce apps, integrations, APIs, Lightning Components and Communities. It wasn't that easy to learn Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, LWC and Business Process automation but finally, I made it. Then I realised, It was time to contribute to the Salesforce community and help Salesforce beginners to grow As a result I started helping others to learn about this platform in all possible ways (via Blogs, Personally, Social Media, In Community Events etc.). 

Finally, In 2020 I joined Salesforce as a Developer Success Engineer and now helping other Salesforce developers to resolve their development issues. All this is only possible because of one faith "One day I will make it"  😊

    My mission is not to compete with other salesforce bloggers/developers, I want to help those salesforce learners who failed in everything they tried with writing code but still have some faith That "I CAN DO IT" 👊🏻. Then Yes!! my dear friend, This platform is for you If I can do it You can also do it. So let's learn salesforce together and try to make this world a better place to live.

    Building this platform so that SFDC Kid like me can encourage others to learn salesforce for absolutely FREE. 

    With only one mission -> Help Others To Help Yourself.

    TO BE CONTINUED.......🏃‍♂️

    All the Views I am expressing here are my own and not those of Salesforce Company.





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    1. Anonymous3/12/2019

      Awesome Job.
      Please keep inspiring!!

    2. Anonymous4/02/2019

      Great Work, everything in salesforce just becomes easy while referring this blog. keep adding new stuff.

    3. Excellent work!!...keep going.

    4. Great posts! Helps my confidence more to learn lightning with my apex and vf knowledge!

    5. Amazing 👍
      Dream's coming true,
      Excellent work Ajinkya...!

      1. Thank You so much 😊 #KeepLearning

        ⚡Happy Learning⚡

    6. Can you please make one tutorial on Governor Limits?

      1. Sure!! will do that. Thanks for your concern about this topic.

        ⚡️ Happy Learning ⚡️

    7. Anonymous12/22/2020

      I want to start from scrath.

      Like u said, "I want to help those salesforce learners who failed in everything they tried with writing code but still have some faith That "I CAN DO IT" ����."

      This is my exact condition. But I'm confused where to start

    8. Thanks for your query and reaching out.

      Do not worry I am here to help you, I can understand you’re confused at the moment but try following things which will help you to start :
      1. Learn basic java as apex and java is having similar syntax.
      2. Start with basics of apex once point 1 is completed. You can also visit the Apex section of this blog.
      3. Once you’re familiar with basics of apex you can write basic syntax. For practice you can always refer trailhead and Scenarios Present on this blog.
      4. Practice Practice and practice (there is no alternative) more you practice on scenarios more you will learn.
      5. Patience : this is very important and results you can observe on consistent efforts just like a gym. You go workout and see the results in long run.

      Please let me know if above information helps or if you have any further queries I will be happy to help you.

      Thanks 😊

      1. That helps a lot. Thank you so much for the suggestion

    9. You are amazing and inspiring . Please keep doing what you are doing! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with such a kind hearted message.



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