Fillable PDF Forms for Enhancing Business Processes in Salesforce


Fillable PDF Forms for Enhancing Business Processes

In the fast-paced realm of modern business, every second counts. Fillable PDF forms have totally transformed how businesses operate. This versatile tool digitizes your paperwork and turbocharges your efficiency, enabling seamless data collection, collaboration, and workflow automation. Fillable PDF forms empower businesses to streamline processes and focus on what truly matters, innovation and growth, from eliminating manual errors to accelerating decision-making. This article covers how to create these transformative forms and a great third-party tool you can use to create your documents. Discover how you can revolutionize your business operations, one fillable field at a time.

Salesforce PDF Generator: How to Create a Fillable PDF?

Creating fillable PDFs in Salesforce involves several steps which include generating the PDF and converting it into a fillable form. We’ve created a general guide to help you through the process, however, these steps can differ depending on your Salesforce instance.

1: Generating a PDF in Salesforce 

  1. Use Visualforce to create your custom PDF. Simply navigate to Setup in Salesforce, under Develop select Visualforce Pages, and click New. Write the Visualforce code to define the layout and content of your PDF and save your page. 

  2. Create an Apex Controller if required. If your created page needs to pull data from Salesforce objects, you can use an Apex controller to retrieve and process the data. Make sure you update your Visualforce page to use the controller.

2: Converting the PDF to a Fillable Form 

After you have created your PDFs, it’s time to convert them into fillable forms. This step will typically involve a third-party PDF tool since currently, Salesforce does not support fillable PDFs. We’ve broken down two options for you to consider: 

Option 1: Adobe Acrobat

This powerful tool allows you to convert your PDF into a fillable form.

  1. Open your created PDF in Adobe Acrobat. 

  2. Navigate to the Tools pane and click Prepare Form. 

  3. Acrobat will automatically detect any potential fillable form fields. You can also manually add fields to your form, including text boxes, checkboxes, and signature fields. 

  4.  Save your modified document as a fillable form. 

Option 2: Online PDF Editors 

Several PDF editors can convert your PDF into a fillable form. 

  1. Upload your Salesforce-generated PDF to your chosen online PDF editor. 

  2. Use the editor tool to add fields to the document. 

  3. Save and download your fillable PDF document. 

3: Automating the Process 

This is an optional step that your business can implement if you frequently need to generate and convert PDFs. Automating the process using tools like Titan, which integrates with Salesforce and offers functionalities like creating and managing fillable PDFs.  

  1. Install Titan from the AppExchange. 

  2. Create a template with fillable fields. 

  3. Configure the fields to integrate with your Salesforce data. 

To create fillable PDFs in Salesforce, first generate a PDF using Visualforce and an Apex controller if required. Convert your generated PDF into a fillable form using online PDF editors or Adobe Acrobat. Lastly, if your business frequently uses fillable PDFs then consider automating the process. Next, we delve deeper into the Titan tool. 

Titan Docs for Salesforce to Generate PDFs

Titan Docs is the winning fillable PDF creator that fully integrates with Salesforce to enable the dynamic creation of PDF documents using your Salesforce data. Offering an intuitive drag-and-drop editor, you can design custom templates and map them to your Salesforce fields to ensure that your documents are populated with real-time data. Titan Docs also supports automation through Salesforce workflows, process builders, and flows so you can automatically create and distribute PDFs based on any predefined trigger. You can streamline your document creation, enhance productivity, and ensure consistency across all your generated documents. 

Dynamic PDF Forms for Salesforce

Integrate your fillable forms directly within Salesforce to streamline data collection and enhance user interaction. With Titan Docs, you can design custom PDF templates with interactive fields all mapped to your Salesforce data. This ensures that your forms are populated with the latest relevant information and that any data captured is synced directly to your Salesforce. 

Edit and Comment on PDFs Easily

Titan makes editing and commenting on PDFs within Salesforce easy. Providing a robust set of tools that allow users to make edits, add annotations, and insert comments directly onto PDF documents in real time. The drag-and-drop interface simplifies the editing process, making it accessible to users with minimal technical expertise. Using the collaborative features multiple users can comment and review documents simultaneously, enhancing communication and fostering team collaboration. Not only are your documents handled more efficiently, but all your changes and feedback are accurately tracked. 

Real-time Salesforce Data for PDFs

Harnessing real-time data synchronization with Salesforce, all your documents are up-to-date and accurate. You can design dynamic PDF templates that will automatically pull the latest data directly from your Salesforce records. This means that changes you make in Salesforce are instantly reflected in your PDFs, eliminating the need for manual updates and reducing the room for error. Whether you need to create reports, forms, or contracts, Titan ensures that every PDF contains the most current information to enhance the document management process. 

Convert from any Format to PDF

If you need to convert from any format to PDF, Titan has got you covered. You can convert 

JPEG or PNG to PDF, Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, and PPT to PDF. The conversation process is straightforward while preserving the integrity of your content. All your documents are handled centrally within the Salesforce ecosystem. If you are looking to convert your PDF to a fillable form, make sure you look for an online tool. 

Titan’s the Most Flexible PDFs for Salesforce

Fillable PDF forms are the future, not only are they more efficient but also result in error reduction. When shopping for the best tool around, we recommend Titan, offering robust capabilities so you can create, manage, and utilize documents with unparalleled efficiency and ease. Whether your business needs to generate dynamic PDF forms, collaborate on documents in real time, or convert documents into different forms, Titan Docs provides a comprehensive toolkit designed to enhance your productivity. 

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