Automate the File Management in Salesforce

Automate Files in Salesforce

Create Reliable Workflows and Automate the File Management in Salesforce

Staying on top of your file management processes is often a struggle. Multiple team members need to work together, access the same information, and keep files up to date daily. To make this happen, you’ll need an effective file management system. 

So what is file management? Simply it’s the process of organizing, storing, and maintaining your files and folders. It’s crucial for preventing data loss, ensuring easy access to information, and maintaining overall efficiency. If you are still using the traditional paper file management system, we recommend you take your files online. This not only saves your business time and money but also allows you to set up automated processes to handle many management tasks. 

Some main components of file management include the organization through structuring and ordering of folders logically. Determining how your files will be stored, you can choose from external storage devices or cloud storage services. Creating consistent naming conventions for your files and folders to make them easily identifiable and searchable, improves overall information access. 

Setting up access control permissions and security measures ensures that only authorized personnel can access, modify, or delete files. This is essential when multiple users will be accessing the same database and working with sensitive files. Version control tracks different versions of your files as they go through changes and iterations, this is imperative if contracts are used for negotiations or if multiple users work on the same file simultaneously. 

Creation of a backup process for your files ensures you prevent data loss in case of accidental deletion, or hard drive crashes. Archiving your files that are no longer in active use but may need to be referenced later can free up your storage space. 

You may need to regularly go through your file management system to ensure that your set-up processes and standards are being followed. As we all know, things will eventually slip through the cracks, especially with manual processes which is why automation is so important for your business. 

Electronic File Management with Salesforce Workflow Automation Combining your electronic file management with Salesforce for workflow management and automation means that you can streamline the organization, management, and workflow of all your documents and files. Leveraging Salesforce workflows empowers you to take a hands-off approach when it comes to those repetitive and tedious tasks. Here are a few ways you can use Salesforce workflow automation to handle your administrative file tasks:

  • Using workflow rules you can trigger the document creation process based on changes made to your Salesforce records. For example - once your prospect reaches the proposal stage, you can generate a document to send to the account with the relevant details to start the negotiation process. 
  • Create approval processes that route documents through a procedure where managers check the document upon creation. 
  • You can generate, share, and collaborate on files within Salesforce. Salesforce Files integrates with Salesforce objects including accounts, opportunities, and cases. You can organize your files in libraries and folders with added metadata for easy retrieval. 
  • Integrate with a third-party storage solution to store your files automatically in the app of your choosing. This frees up space on your Salesforce platform. 
  • Salesforce offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities for you to monitor the document management process. 
Still not sure how this can work for you? We’ve compiled a real-life example of how you can automate the contract management process: 

  1. An opportunity is marked as closed/won, triggering a workflow rule to generate a contract using a template.
  2. The created contract goes through your setup approval process. 
  3. Once the contract has gone through the approval and signing process, a notification is sent to the sales team, and the contract is stored. 
  4. When the contract is up for renewal, an automatic reminder will be sent to the relevant teams. 
  5. After the lifecycle is complete, the contract is archived. 
Next, let’s take a look at an alternative solution you can implement for your file management processes. 

Digital File Management and Automation with Titan

Titan Files for Salesforce empowers you to streamline processes and handle any file manager task without needing to know any code. This tool works from the Salesforce files object to create digital file management workflows. You can create, modify, and organize your files in Salesforce. 

Salesforce File Storage

Salesforce storage limits can often be a concern for users. Titan offers full integration with third-party cloud storage providers so you never have to worry about storage space again. You can use Box for Salesforce, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. 

Organize and Automate File Transfer

Organize and transfer your Salesforce documents using automated streamlined processes to enhance user flexibility. Create any reliable workflow to push and pull data directly to and from your Salesforce in real time. 

Limitless Automations for Salesforce Files

You get limitless automation with this platform. You can set up workflows and rules for your file management, storage integrations, image modification, and Optical Character Recognition, and integrate with the host of other tools that Titan has on offer. 

Automating Advanced Salesforce File Management Tasks

Using this automated document management tool you can focus on more important tasks. Scan files for viruses, merge files, convert files to different formats, and read and write files to/from any Salesforce object. You can ensure your file management best practices are followed by setting up workflows that ensure each standard is met accordingly. 

Titan: Zero Code File Management Software

Titan Files is a no-code document management software that integrates with Salesforce. Designed to simplify the creation and management of your file processes without needing any coding knowledge. This platform offers seamless integration with Salesforce so you can generate and manage your files within the familiar Salesforce environment. Automate your file management processes and never lose track of an important document again. 

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