7 Resume Designing Strategies | Interview Preparation

7 Resume Designing Strategies


Resume Designing Strategies

Hey Kid!! Congratulations on taking the time to learn something new which can definitely help you with any interview and with any experience.

Getting a Job is easy but we have to plan for so that we can open every opportunity knocked. 

Imagine for a moment that you want to change your job and look for new opportunities. What's the first thing we do ? 
-> Find out our old resume.
-> Try to add or remove some points based on our latest experience.
-> Reorder the stuff whatever looks good to you.
-> Save it and start forwarding to your friends and applying through different job portals.

But let me ask you one question here -> 
Do you really think that the resume what you just created according to your skills is what an employer is looking for ?

Relax!!... It's not at all our fault. We follow the trend and people which is absolutely OKEY.

But let's change this and plan for a better beginning in our career. Today we will talk about the key aspects of Resume Designing and few strategies which can be easily implemented at any stage of your career.

Let's begin.........


What is the difference between 5 Star Restaurant Food 🍔🍟  and Street Food ? 

PRESENTATION is the key factor what makes difference (Although there are different factors as well.)

So would you like to represent yourself as 5 Star one or the Street one ? The choice is yours always.

Now imagine for a moment that you are going for a party tonight 💃🏻 I am sure we all plan for our killer looks and dress accordingly Right ?? 
-> We select our dress.
-> We put makeup and groom in order to look more confident.
-> We take care of everything from hair to shoes.

But then why we put the Same Dress - Same Makeup - Same Shoe strategies for our Resume Designing.

We need to use some WOW!! factor in our Resume because it's your self-image before you get any call from the employer.

Hence I would like to recommend you Kid something amazing and that is 


This is something which I discovered late in my career. 

Resume templates are a really cool way of representing your image with that WOW factor which is missing in your plan paper Resume.

There are online websites which you will easily find out if you just take a moment to search on the internet.

I personally liked NOVORESUME.COM (not sponsored etc.) just have a look and you will get some idea out of it.

Just like your Smartphone, your resume needs more updated look and feel. Which can grab the readers mind. Hence always try to use advance templates (not too fancy) to give that party look to your resume.


This is a very very common point which we always miss and i.e. Format of our resume. Most of us still use .docx format.

Always use PDF format as the output of your Resume.

Following are the advantages :

‣ Nobody can change the content in your resume while forwarding your resume further.

‣ Formatting will be the same in every system you open the Resume.

‣ Your font style and size will remain the same.


I can totally understand you have a lot of things to put on your resume based on your previous experience or number of projects you have done till the date.

Now let me ask you one more question here ->

Who will read your Resume for the first time ? 

‣ Of course HR right ? So do you really think that HR is interested to know everything that you have done till the date.

‣ The screening teams don't have much time to read 3-4 pages of a resume.

All the Talent Acquisition or HR Team are looking for the candidate with the required skillset matching with the requirement.
Likewise, we need to put only the data which is matching with the requirement of the job.

‣ Remember that HR is also a human being hence don't put a lot of content in your resume.

‣ Single page resume looks sweet and simple which reflect your personality even before contacting you (And anyone can easily scan a single page in 5 min 😉).

‣ Now if it is single page resume how we can put everything on a single page.


So you can follow the below format as an example :

[Your Name ]  ||  [Your Picture]
[Short Bio]
[Email] [Phone] [Location]
[Work Summary] || [Skills]

[Previous Employer] || [Personal Projects]

[Latest Education] || [Certifications]

[Languages] || [Interests]


As per the above single page format :

‣ On the top of the page your sweet name and your title below that and professional picture

‣ Short bio just like we write it on our LinkedIn or a Twitter profile (professional).

‣ Next your contact information like your Email, Phone Number and Location which can help them to contact you and know where you are currently located.

‣ Now We can divide the single page into 2 sections for other information.

Work Summary should be aligned with the position you are applying to. 
IMPORTANT: If you are applying for Salesforce Developer position you should only mention the previous work experience related to Salesforce Domain. 
As you already know that mentioning other platform or domain experience makes no sense to the recruiter.

‣  On the right side od Work Summary, you can write your Skills for example Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Development, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Lightning, LWC etc.

Previous Employer means Name and your Tenure of Employer. Please do not mention the client names and project information because if you will mention everything in your resume then what else you will explain to your interviewer ( Hold some surprises for your interviewer 🤓).

‣ On the right side for the Previous Employer, you can mention Personal Projects if you have any. This shows your personal interest in learning new things and create something awesome out of it.

Latest Education section is to mention your highest education. Many times we mention all the details starting for 10, 10+2, BS or B.Tech, MS or M.tech etc.

If you have MS or M.Tech that means you have the previous degree Right ?? So no need to eat up more space on your resume.
Certifications are proof of your skills which you have mentioned in your skills set. Always good to have certifications of your mastered skills.

‣ Languages this section is for the desired language for the job you are applying. It's good to have some special language skills. You can mention all languages that are useful for business.

‣ Interests is things/tech that excites you like for example writing a blog excites me a lot, I am always ready for photoshoots etc. But remember you should know all the aspects of it if someone asks you question about it.


Keywords are the most important part of your resume. 

‣ Do you remember the school time where our teachers use to say 'Always put bullet points while writing your exams'.

That means they are expecting the keywords out of each point which will decide whether your answer is correct or not.

‣ Likewise every job posting contains Job Description where all the desired skills are mentioned.

‣ Based on your experience put matching keywords in your skills and experience summary section of your resume.

‣ The recruiter will look for the keywords present in your resume matching with the job description and then decide whether you are a perfect match or not. Hence its a decision factor always.


'Honesty is the best policy' We heard this lot of time but we just ignore it while preparing a resume. 
‣ While mentioning your experience and skillset please be honest to yourself. A lot of people mention fake experience or skills just to get the job. You may get the job also but you'll always worried about losing a job.

‣ Always put only the things which you know, you have experience with, which reflects your skills and qualities like I mentioned before.

‣ You don't need to be fake. Trust me Kid if you're honest with your skillset people want you in their team always.

‣ You get more Salary but you will never get respect for your skillset.

‣ Nobody is expecting you to know everything, remember it's your MINDSET 💡.

‣ If you don't know something, get up and learn those skills which are required for that job first and then apply. 

Being honest with yourself is more important 

‣ I can totally understand that sometimes we have education gap or employment gap etc. and due to responsibilities we don't want to join as a fresher. But remember every legend was once a beginner.

‣ Trust me if you are honest, people can sense your energy and will accept that even if you don't have that skill 😊.

If you follow all the above 7 strategies NOBODY can stop you Kid from getting your dream job. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and let's prepare a Resume for your next job interview. Wish you all the very best 👍!!

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    1. Hey Naveen!! Thanks for your observation.

      Could you please help me to point out where exactly you found spelling mistakes ??

      It will really help me 😊 Thank You!

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