PARDOT : A Lead Generation Weapon

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Pardot is the most powerful weapon and marketing tool when it comes to lead generation in Salesforce. Unfortunately, it's not available for developer org to test it for free. Due to this reason, so many people are not aware of pardot behaviour and its power of lead generation with its intelligent techniques.

In this article, you'll get enough knowledge about pardot intelligence.

Now let's get started with the basic behaviour of your website visitors.

PARDOT Behaviour :

When a visitor browses a website that has pardot tracking script in it, then these visitors leave behind traceable crumbs that can be used later.
Pardot can track your website visitor's interactions and activities even before pre-conversion.

For example, you will add a script on on-click of submit button then all the clicking activities of the user are tracked by pardot.

Before Pre-conversion, by adding tracking cookies to visitors browser when they first visit your website pardot starts its journey.

This is a similar example when you visit an e-commerce site like Amazon and search for shoes, mobile etc. they'll just track your activities and once you close your browser and open your Instagram or Facebook you will find the exact matching Ads, again and again, But trust me pardot is more intelligent than this behaviour.

So let's dig into it, A Cookie is a small piece of data sent from a web browser and stored on the user's computer as well as it creates a session on pardot system.

Similar to google analytics pardot also show you the activities of visitors in its Pardot Engagement Studio, where marketers can build intelligent strategy and automated programs that engage a visitor.

Now as discussed cookies are used to track the user activities while they navigate to your website and interact with your marketing material. This will give you a full view of their browsing behaviour.

Types of Cookies of Pardot sets :

Visitor Cookie : 

When the user is first time visitor on your website then he will be considered as Visitor on pardot with unique visitor id.

The visitor cookie includes an identifier for the visitor(visitor__id) plus the unique identifier in your pardot account(visitor's table), which is derived from tracking code placed on your website.

For Example Cookie name "visitor_id12345" stores the visitor's value "123456789", where 12345 is the account identifier and full string 123456789 represents the visitor Id. 
Using these tracking value, the cookie stores the activities of the visitor's and prospect's (the person whose personal information is known address or phone number) on your website and create a session in pardot.

Opt-In Cookies :

Pardot uses persistent cookies named  "pi-opt-in" to stay in compliance with the "Do Not Track" initiative, It allows people to opt-out of a type of browser tracking activity.

*These cookies will stay on the browser unless they choose to opt-out.
Once the visitor is converted to a prospect that means he submitted his basic information like email or phone, these cookies provide you with his wealth information based on previous interests, behaviour and activities history about each prospect. That's the most interesting part of pardot.

Pardot keeps all of that trackable visitor data and appends it to each prospect's pardot record and continue monitoring their activities moving forward. 
                           Salesforce pardot visitor and prospect to lead
Now you have two types of users on your website one is visitors and others are prospects.
Now You need to set lead conversion criteria like when you want to convert your prospect to lead in Salesforce.

Let's discuss more how pardot handle visitors and prospects.

Prospect Audits :

List Added :
  • This means that your prospect was added to a list. There are several ways that a prospect can be added to a list including, automation and segmentation rule, imports and drip actions.
Prospect Default Field :
  • The prospect field name will be on the left side of the audit now. The audit will display the old value for the default field.
Prospect Custom Field :
  • The custom field name will be on the left side of the audit row. The audit will display the old value for the custom prospect field.
Opportunity Added :
  • If you're using or SugarCRM, It will automatically create opportunities for you within Pardot.
  • For other CRM integrations, you need to create opportunity manually.
Assignment :
  • There are several ways that a prospect can be assigned to a user(example you want to assign to the sales manager) based on points earned by a prospect (Configuration of a point system in pardot is like tracepoints based on user activities), you will see "Assigned by" and the users name.
Campaign Change :
  • Typically changing the prospects campaign is rare since that is a prospect's initial touch point and will allow you to calculate the true ROI (Return On Investment) of a prospect.
  • If you do need to change the prospect's campaign, the prospect's old campaign value will be logged within their audits.
List Removed :
  • This means that your prospect was removed from a list. There are several ways that a prospect can be removed from a list including automation and segmentation rules, drip actions and even manually.
Assignment / Reassignment :
  • Since your CRM is the master record for a prospect 'Assigned user', if there is a conflict of the value then we can change the prospects assigned a user to match the value in your CRM.
  • If the value changes, logged on audit will capture this change.
Form Error :
  • When a prospect either attempts to submit a form i.e. either attempts to submit a form that is either not complete or an invalid format and if an error occurs then we will log the field which triggers the error and reason behind it.
  • For Example, you might see "form error: Required Custom Field" within the audit.
Prospect Created - Form Submission :
  • When we start recording from which form submission a prospect was created within the audit table.
  • You'll see "Converted From Visitor: via Form or Form Handler: Name of form/form handler". 

That's it !! Noooo...Let's summarize everything in short :

Summery :

Pardot will provide the .js script to be added on your website to collect on- click activities of the visitor.
For example, you will add a script on on-click of submit button then all the clicking activities of the user are tracked by pardot.

These clicking activities of the user are considered as one session in pardot.

When the user is first time visitor on your website then he will be considered as VISITOR on pardot with unique visitor id.

Once the session is closed (browser window) and all his data from cookies are tracked and pardot will give points to that user based on his clicking activities.

So when the same user visits the site again pardot will identify from his browser session and again add some more points to that user.

Based on points, pardot admin can understand that user is HOT user (based on pardot category of points) and pardot will try to get all his personal information.

Once the user fills the form and provides his identity then pardot convert that VISITOR to PROSPECT.

PROSPECT in pardot is considered as a user with personal information.

When this VISITOR converted into PROSPECT then this PROSPECT is assigned to sales user (After it satisfies lead conversion criteria)and based on his point score pardot can easily identify the interest of the user in your product/service.

Then sales user will contact the PROSPECT for further details.
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